Hello Anthro Students!

Welcome to the blog for Michelle Merrill’s Anthropology classes (ANTHR1 and ANTHR1L). When I receive an email from you, I will send you an invitation to join the discussion.  Once you are logged on, please reply with a comment to this post as a way to introduce yourself to the class.  This will be a space for you to share Anthropology news links, ask and answer questions about what you’re learning in Anthropology, or share information that will be of interest to your fellow students.


16 responses to “Hello Anthro Students!

  1. My name is Birgit and I am originally from Germany. I am married and have two daughters. After spending the last 20 years focused on raising our children, I have decided to go back to school to earn a teaching credential. I am working as an Instructional Aide in a Special Day Class. I try to go running a few times a week, and I really love to read.

  2. Hi kids!

    My name is Ian. I’ll be the tall guy walking into class with my work uniform on 90% of the time, looking beat and blah-blah-blah.

    Just trying to get back on the horse and get an AA in Web Media where I can use some mad web designing skills to good use. Looking forward to learning some intriguing factoids about how us humans came to become.

  3. Hello Everyone!
    My name is Dalilah and I am from Santa Cruz, CA. I recently got married and I have my own Place–Which Is REALLY Awesome!! My husband and I are both in this class and we are both full time students at Cabrillo. I love music especially Reggae Music. On Friday there is going to be a killer concert at the civic center and I am looking forward to that! Many great artists are going to be performing–Gregory Isaacs– Midnight–which play some of my favorite songs! So yeah, that’s a little about me…hope to see you in class!~

  4. Hey…
    My name is Karen… I was born and raised in Santa Cruz. I work full time as an Analyst, I am taking 3 class this semester and planing my wedding!!! I am working on finishing up my general ed and begin to work on my major in Law enforcement/corrections… I am still not 100% which I want to do! well enough about me!

    See you all in class…

  5. watsup anthro-
    I’ll one of the guys in the back, not married. I am from Mill valley, went to school in Hawaii for three years. I traveled throughout the south pacific with my brother for almost four months, and last semester was my first at cabrillo. I love the teachers here, and have had a great beginning of the semester. I’m stoked to refine my knowledge of evolution etc.


  6. Hello classmates! My name is Veronica and I am a full time English major student here at Cabrillo. This semester I’m trying to finish up my science requirements and am glad I chose Anthro as one of them; even though it may be challenging, I think the lectures have been clear and interesting so far. I also work full time as a receptionist and aide at a medical clinic, so I’m working on juggling social life with work and school and so far I’ve been successful.
    Just wanted to say good luck this semester!

  7. My name is Johnny,Santa Cruz is my hometown. I am currently a fulltime student and also work fulltime. I’m taking this class with my wife–which is really cool! I look forward to attending this class and learning about anthropology.


  8. hello,
    My name is Ashli Pickerill. I was born and raised in Santa Cruz/Wastonville area. I currently am working at Santa Cruz Medical Foundation as a certified professional coder. I never thought I’d enjoy anything in the medical field, but the back office part is really fun. I am working on getting my general ed out of the way so I can eventually become a teacher. I am not sure if that is something I really want to do, but that’s my plan for now.

  9. I’m Nate, your resident Information Technology Administrator. Yup, I kick computers’ asses all day long, and have fun while doing it. I consult for various small law firms in SC, as well as other small businesses, incl. the Santa Cruz City Attorney’s Office. I’m interested in Anthropology because of the large breadth of specializations the field encompasses, and the fact that I hate the genus/species scientific name memorization that comes with other life-science classes.

  10. well i just posted something somewhere but dont know where in the heck it went anyways my name is Jessica, I took anthropology 2 at cabrillo and it was really interesting, so I hope this class will be the same. I am hoping to transfer down south to go to school for journalism soon, and I have a pit bull that looks like petey on the little rascals. Dont know what else to say so see you in class.

  11. Hello Everyone!!!!
    My name is Jessica also and I just turned 22. I’m not really much of a blogger or even understand how it really works. I’ve been at cabrillo for a few years now and I’m currently taking a full load including Health Science 12, a PE class, German 1, and Anthro 1. I’m hoping to finish all my required classes so I can transfer to San Fransico State. I’m not really sure what my major is going to be. In my spare time I like to catch up on my sleep or spend time with my cat who currently dislikes me cause now that school has started I don’t sleep in like she thinks I should. If you wanna know more just ask…

  12. hello class,
    My name is Desi and I am 26. I am originally from S.Lake Tahoe where I love to ski. Kirkwood is my favorite place in the area, this is where I ski patroled for 4 years. I moved to Santa Cruz to go to the Cabrillo nursing program. This anthro class is the last class that is required for me start the program. hope you all have a good one.

  13. Hi everyone,
    I’m Trevor. I am originally from Palo Alto, but have spent the past 4 years living in Berkeley. I recently moved to Santa Cruz to work as a suspension design engineer for Fox Racing. I love it here and am enjoying meeting new people and experiencing the local culture. I have a few more units left to finish up my degree at UC Berkeley, so, here I am taking this class. I’m really into cycling, dirt bikes, the beach, techno music… I’m also slowly working on applying to graduate schools although this is probably a year away. See you all next class!

  14. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Christine. I am in the process of finishing up my AA and transferring to UCSC, hopefully. That is if I can get through Mendelian genetics! I would like to get my B.A. in Community Studies eventually. Currently, I teach ESL to K-8th graders and have two teen age boys at home. Life is never dull! See you tonight!

  15. Hey everybody,

    My name is Jake. I’m the kid with the laptop who sits in the back. I graduated from San Lorenzo Valley High last year and now I’m going to school full-time and working. I was born and raised in Santa Cruz county and I love it here. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to school for yet, but I hope I can figure it out soon… see you in class!

  16. Here’s a link to a very interesting article on the evolution of the eye:


    Check it out, it touches on some of the material we’ve been learning about in class.

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