Welcome Fall 2012 Students

Greetings hominins!

Classes start on Monday, August 27th.  I’ve just posted the information and syllabus for each of my classes this term:

Anthr1 M 6:00-9:05pm rm431
Anthr1L MW 12:40-2:00pm rm431

There is still room in my lab section and a few of the other lab sections.  I highly recommend that students enrolled in Anthropology 1 also enroll in a lab section; taking lab at the same time as the lecture course tends to lead to better grades in both classes.  It also meets most natural science lab requirements.

The lecture and online sections have both been wait-listed since soon after enrollments began last Spring.  Therefore, it is imperative that enrolled students “show up” or I will drop them and give their spot to a student on the waitlist.

For Monday evening lecture students, that means you must be there on-time for the first meeting (or contact me well before the start of class if you don’t think you can make the first day and you don’t want to be dropped).

For ONLINE Anthr1 students, I need you to log in on Blackboard on Monday or Tuesday.  If you have not logged in (or otherwise contacted me) by Wednesday morning (8/29), I will consider you a “no show” and drop you from the class so that a wait-listed student can join the class.

Sorry to be so strict about initial attendance, but budget cuts at Cabrillo have forced us to reduce the number of sections we offer despite increased student demand.  These class cuts are due to cuts in funding from the state (see Why You Couldn’t Get Into a Class to learn more).  If you think you might drop a class, you should do so right away so that I can make room for someone else to add the class. 

Despite all the gloom and doom above, I promise, it’s going to be interesting and fun if you put in the effort to keep up with assignments, ASK QUESTIONS, and stay engaged.  Biological anthropology is all about sex, adventure, world travel, cute critters, creepy bones and the interpersonal politics that go on behind the scenes in every science.  With your help, it’s gonna be a great semester!


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