Lab Schedule

Anthr1L MW 12:40pm-2:00pm Section #80338
Anthr1L Th  2:20pm-5:25pm Section #80344

Last Update: 28 October 2013

  • These dates and topics are subject to change.  Changes will be announced in class and posted on this page.  It is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of any revisions.  Cabrillo College Critical Dates are available online.
  • Click the title to go to the password protected site where you can get the PDF for that week’s labsheet. Please print responsibly
    • The instructor will give students the login and password on the first day of class.  

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Week #
M/W Dates Thurs Dates Topic/Notes
9/4, 9/9 9/5 Intro; What Is Science? 6 pgs. (note: this will be handed out on the first day, no need to print)
9/9-9/11 9/12 Natural Selection 7 pgs.
9/16-9/18 9/19 Skeletal Anatomy and Evidence for Evolution 7 pgs.
9/23-9/25 9/26 Genetics 13 pgs.
9/30-10/2 10/3 Introduction to Primate Studies 14 pgs. (note: keep Part II separate to use for Week 7 assignment)
10/7-10/9 10/10 Primate Anatomy and Variation 6 pgs. (bring Week 3)
 7 10/14-10/16 10/17 Primate Behavior and Diversity (Part II of Primate Studies: independent observation and research – class meetings optional)
10/21-10/23 10/24 Primate Social Strategies & Population  5 pgs.
10/30 (10/28 cancelled) 10/31 Primate Ecology and Behavior 6 pgs. (labsheet says Week 8) Remember to bring your completed Primate Behavior and Diversity (Part II of Week 5’s Primate Studies: independent observation and research).
11/4-11/6 11/7 Lab Midterm Exam – bring all labsheets;Print this labsheet: Primate Evolution 4 pgs. (bring Week 3, 5 &6)
11/13, 11/18 11/14 Forensic Anthropology and Osteometry 11 pgs. (bring Week 3)
11/20, 11/25 11/21 Early Hominid Fossils 6 pgs.(bring Week 3)
11/27 – extra credit 11/28 Thanksgiving 
12/2-12/4 12/5 Evolution of Genus Homo 7 pgs. (bring Week 3 & 11); last day to request extra credit
12/9-12/11 12/12 Fossil Review 4 pgs. (bring Week 3, 6, 10 & 11); extra credit due 
12/18, 10:00am-12:50pm (arrive between 10:30-11:15) 12/19, 1:00-3:50pm (arrive between 1:30-2:15) FINAL EXAM: Bring all labsheets.

Responsible printing: If you can, please double-side your lab sheet printouts. If not, consider printing on the blank backs of paper that has already been used once (e.g. drafts of homework or used handouts from other classes – avoid anything with personal information you do not want seen by your classmates). I don’t mind funky colors or newsprint texture, as long as your printout is clear enough for you to work with.

 Cabrillo College Critical Dates (including holidays) are available online.

go to Bio Anthro Lab main page


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