Bio Anthro Lecture

Anthropology 1
Introduction to Anthropology: Biological

In 2014, I will be at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (, for a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship on Sustainability and Pedagogy.

Fall 2013 ANTHR 1

Mondays 6:00pm-9:05pm rm431 Section# 80331
TuTh 9:30am-10:50am rm432 Section# 80328

Instructor: Michelle Y. Merrill
Office: Room 429C
Contact Info & Office Hours

 Fall 2013 Anthro 1 Lecture Syllabus (Click here for PDF)

This info is for in-person classes – I am not teaching the ONLINE section in Fall 2013.

Textbooks for In-Person Lecture Section FALL 2013

Required :
Annual Editions: Physical Anthropology 13/14 (22nd Edition), 2012. Elvio Angeloni (editor), McGraw Hill, Boston.  ISBN 0078135907 / 9780078135903 (You can get by with one of the earlier editions, if you are willing to make copies of a few articles that it won’t have.  The 12/13 edition is also available as an e-book.)

There will be additional required readings that will be made available online.

Optional :
How Humans Evolved (6th Edition), 2012. R. Boyd & J. Silk, WW Norton, NY. ISBN 978-0-393-91227-2  (also available as an e-book, earlier editions or other general Biological Anthropology textbooks can be helpful, especially to students who have not had a biology class recently)

In this course, students will learn to compare living and fossil primates, including humans, to critically analyze theories of human behavior, diversity and evolution.

Fall 2013  Anthro1 Lecture Schedule | Reading & Assignment Schedule (PDF)

Printer-friendly PDFs: Spring 2013 Syllabus , Spring 2013 Schedule onlyFall 2012 Syllabus, Fall 2012 Schedule,  Spring 2012 Syllabus , Spring 2012 Schedule only, Fall 2011 Syllabus, Fall 2011 Schedule, Spring 2011 Syllabus, Fall 2010 Syllabus, Fall 2010 Online Class Welcome Page


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