Schedule: Bio Anthro Lecture

Mondays 6:00pm-9:05pm rm431 Section# 80331 

TuTh 9:30am-10:50am rm432 Section# 80328

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Fall 2013 Reading & Assignment Schedule (PDF-Printer Friendly)

The reading quizzes are based on the required readings  and are due before 5pm on the date listed for Part I and II; for Part III they are due that Tuesday evening at 11:59pm. This is generally before the lecture when we will be focusing on that topic.  Specific reading assignments and revisions to the schedule are available online or on BlackboardCabrillo College Critical Dates are available online.

About This Course Module:

  • First Quiz (read Syllabus & review Blackboard), Sustainability Confidence Survey: due 9/13
  • Posting to Welcome and Introductions Discussion Board by 9/13, with follow-up post by 9/23

Part I: Evolutionary Theory & Genetics

  1. Evolution and Natural Selection: reading quiz due 9/16
  2. Genetics: reading quiz due 9/23
  3. The Modern Synthesis, Speciation and Phylogeny: reading quiz due 9/30

Posting to Part I: Evolutionary Theory & Genetics Discussion Board by 10/1, follow-up by 10/7

Mid-Term Exam I: Evolutionary Theory & Genetics available 10/8-10/14

Part II: The Living Primates

  1. Introduction to the Primates, Primate Diversity and Conservation: reading quiz due 10/21 (Team Project Choice due 10/24)
  2. Primate Social Ecology, Mating Systems, Social Behavior and Strategies: reading quiz due 10/28
  3. Primate Intelligence and Culture: reading quiz due 11/4

Posting to Part II: The Living Primates Discussion Board by 11/4,  follow-up by 11/12

First contribution to Team Project 11/8

Mid-Term Exam II: The Living Primates available  11/5 – 11/12

Part III: Hominins

  1. Intro to Paleoanthropology: reading quiz due 11/19 by 11:59pm
  2. Genus Homo: reading quiz due 11/26 by 11:59pm
  3. Homo sapiens: reading quiz due 12/3 by 11:59pm

Posting to Part III: Hominins Discussion Board by 12/5; follow-up by 12/9

All contributions to Team Project by 12/11

Final Exam available online 12/12-12/18; Team Presentations during Finals Week 12/16, 12/19

Cabrillo College Critical Dates
go to Bio Anthro Lecture main page

Reading & Assignment Schedule Fall 2012  | Spring 2013


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