Schedule: Bio Anthro Online

Note: I am NOT teaching the online section of this class for FALL 2013. Contact Carla Bundrick-Benejam for information about the Fall 2013 class. Info below is from last year. I may teach the online section again in Spring 2014.

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 Fall 2012 Bio Anthro Online Reading Schedule (printer-friendly PDF)

Due dates for reading assignments and related quizzes are listed below. Please note that these dates and assignments are subject to change. Changes will be posted on Blackboard with at least one week’s advance notice. It is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of any revisions; check Blackboard regularly.

Required readings are from:

How Humans Evolved (6th Edition), 2012. R. Boyd & J. Silk, WW Norton, NY. ISBN 978-0-393-91227-2  (listed in this format: HHE1.”Chapter Title”)


Annual Editions: Physical Anthropology 12/13 (e-book; 21st Edition), 2011. Elvio Angeloni (editor), McGraw Hill, Boston.  ISBN 9780078051029  (listed in this format: AE1.”Title” Author)

There may be additional required readings or other materials made available online.Optional readings noted in italics.

The reading quizzes for each module are due before midnight on the date listed.  For reading assignments and details, see Anthro1 Online Reading Schedule (printer-friendly PDF)

First Quiz (read Syllabus & Review Blackboard) and Sustainability Confidence Survey: due 9/2

Part I: Evolutionary Theory & Genetics

1. Evolution and Natural Selection: due 9/4 
2. Genetics: due 9/11 
3. The Modern Synthesis due 9/18
4. Speciation and Phylogeny: due 9/25

Post to Evolutionary Theory & Genetics Topical Discussion by 9/26

Mid-Term Exam 1: Evolutionary Theory & Genetics available 9/26 -10/2

Part II: The Living Primates

  1. Introduction to the Primates, Primate Diversity (and Join Group for Team Project): due 10/9 
  2. Primate Social Ecology and Mating Systems: due 10/16 
  3. Primate Social Behavior and Strategies: due 10/23 
  4. Primate Intelligence and Life Histories (and First Part of Team Project): due 10/30

Post to The Living Primates Topical Discussion by 10/31

Mid-Term Exam 2: The Living Primates available 10/31 – 11/6

Part III: Fossils and Hominins

1. Intro to Paleoanthropology: due 11/13
2. Early Hominins: due 11/20 
3.Genus Homo: due 11/27
4. Homo sapiens: due 12/4

Second Part of Team Project due 11/30

Post to Fossils and Hominins Topical Discussion by 12/5

Final Exam available online 12/5-12/11

Cabrillo College Critical Dates

go to Bio Anthro Online main page


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