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Catastrophic deforestation planned in Sumatra

Catastrophic deforestation planned in Sumatra – from Sumatran Orangutan Society

We urgently need your help to stop the planned destruction of 1.2 million hectares of forest in Sumatra for gold mining, oil palm plantations, logging and roads.

 This is a conservation emergency for orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos – the forests under threat are the only place in the world where these critically endangered species still roam together.

Indonesia’s President has the power to stop these plans. Please help us reach 1 million signatures to make sure he gets the message loud and clear.

This is a new petition, so please sign and share even if you have already signed others in the last few weeks.

The fate of Sumatra’s forests will be decided in the very near future  – please help.


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Police Arrest Orangutans in Minnesota

"orangutan" demonstrates against Cargill's habitat destruction for palm oilPolice Arrest Orangutans in Minnesota.